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Client needs a Booking system

hey, I have a client who needs a booking calendar system. They don’t need you to be able to pay on the site just book and then send a form. Any help on how to build a functioning booking system??.

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hey @Okori_Shakir what type of booking calendar system?? Meetings? Car Hire? Hotels?

So it will essentially be meet ups in the form of consultations and classes. I will add a supporting photo of their current sites booking system so you can get a better picture.

it also needs to have some way of keeping track of available hours and non available hours.

I use and am happy with it.


Just seen the reply to this, but as @webdev already suggested, would be a great option for this.

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Alright, thank you guys for your suggestions. I do appreciate it.

ill try out calendly :+1:t5: