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Buying an Account Plan and limited Form Submissions

Hi there,

I recently bought a site plan to receive more form submissions, but what I couldn’t understand is what plan is better for myself.

If I buy an account plan, will it be possible to receive 1000+ form submissions on each project? Or I’ll have to sign for a site plan just to receive these submissions?

Couldn’t find the answer to this on the support.

Thanks for your attention.

Welcome to the community! It can get a bit confusing but Site plans and Account plans are two sides of the same pie when it comes to Webflow.

Paid Account plans allow you to do things like create more projects, export project code to host externally, and transfer projects to other accounts (among other things). These have no effect on each of your individual project settings like form submissions or page view limitations.

If you’re wanting to increase a specific project’s form submission amount, that project will need to have it’s own Site plan. The “Basic” Site plan gives you 500 submissions, “CMS” gives you 1000, and both “Business” and “Enterprise” give you unlimited.

Amazing reply, Mike!

I understood 100%.

Thank you so much!

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