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Button without an href

Hello, I am using angularjs with a site I am making with webflow. I want to be able to just cut and paste code with no changes. I have found that I can use “custom attributes” to do most of what I want.

I have run into a problem where if I create a “button”, I don’t want it to have an href because I will add an “ng-click” attribute that will deal with the click event. Is there a way that I can not include the href attribute since it causes the page to change?

Also, I have a similar issue with forms. I want to handle things on my own and not use Webflow Forms but I don’t need an “action” attribute on the form, having it there usually changes the page I am on.


maybe create the button from scratch using the basic DIV BLOCK and styling it as a button.

But, if you want the mouse cursor to change to a pointer, you’re going to have to add that to the custom code area of your project.

.classname { cursor:pointer }

The cursor isn’t so much a problem as having an href value that overrides my click event handler.

It would be nice to be able to use the actual “button” tag but I dont think that is an option in webflow currently.