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Add class a Button


I need add a custom Class:


How I insert in the button?
I dont have problem to add a Link Text, but I can’t use a button :frowning:

You Can help me add a class to a button?

Simply drag a button from the add panel, click on the style menu and at the bottom of the dropdown you’ll see the default class “button”. Select that and you are styling the global button class. You can then add a subclass for your class name. You can also simply drag in a button and just add the class directly in the name you need. I’m guessing you have some custom code calling that class so it should work whether it is a class or a subclass.

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In fact it did not work as I was expecting.
I need the button has the same function as the link added

see the project:

I would not be adding attributes in

I’m not really sure what you are asking. Do you need to add the class “js-seoreportgenerator-custom-button” to the button? If so just add it where you currently have class.


I mean create its: Quero Testar o SEO do meu site

with button!
look the example

I still could not solve, can you help me?

@Marcos_Custodio Sorry, I think that I’m just not understanding your question correctly. Neither of the buttons do anything in preview. If you are just wanting to assign a link to the button then click on the button, go to the settings tab and under “link settings” – select the option you want and if linking to an external page enter the url.

Hello I think it still could not understand me.

I want the webflow button has exactly these html attributes: <a href="#" class="js-seoreportgenerator-custom-button">WebFlow Button</a>

How I need create this function?

Hi @Marcos_Custodio, if I understand correctly, there are few things to do:

  1. Drag a button to your page
  2. Create a new class on the button called “js-seoreportgenerator-custom-button”
  3. Change the button text to “Webflow Button”
  4. With the button selected, change to the settings panel and in the url field, type in “#” (without the quotes).

Doing the steps above results in:

<a href="#" class="w-button js-seoreportgenerator-custom-button">Webflow Button</a>

I guess you are trying to get the code without the w-button class is that correct? If so, then you can copy the custom html as it should be, and paste that into an embed widget.

Does this help?