CMS Driven Button to Different Email

Hi There Webflow Team :slight_smile:

I’ve created a collection and want to have a generic ‘email enquiry about this position’ button, however with the collaborator having the option of multiple emails to choose from. I don’t want it to show the email address once connected to the collection, just the generic ‘email enquiry about this position’. Of course, I would then want it to link to the chosen email. Is this possible, as I’m getting a little mixed up?

Thank you for your help.



Hi Saff,

If I understand you correctly, you just need to link the button’s link to the email, and not the button’s text.

Hi There, thank you, yes that is correct.

Did you manage to do that?

I have inputted the button property on the interface however am a little confused about what CMS side, ie which field type. When I popped it in as a multi-choice drop down to input both the different emails, it would also include the full email on the button, once published. If I add it as an email field, it only gives me one choice, one email option only. Don’t get me wrong I am relatively new to CMS, I could be barking up the wrong tree. What would you recommend?

I think your best option here is to create a link field, and have the collaborator fill it manually. This way you can link the button’s link to the field.

OK thank you :), will give it a go, thank you for your help on this. Will come back to you soon.

PS Shame though, it would of been nice to add this in automatically :thinking: hey?