Button links not working

Hi Webflow community,
I have a button on my website that’s linked to another page, and somehow it stopped working. It doesn’t go anywhere when clicked. Sometimes if I refresh my published site enough, it will work once and then stop working subsequently. It’s part of a symbol (repeated on several pages) and I’m seeing the same issue on all the pages it’s on.

I know that the page link works because there’s another button, separate from the symbol, and that one works.

Not sure if it’s because I recently added custom code for Heap and Google Analytics? It seems like this issue might be similar.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Grace Lihn

The button I’m referring to is the “Say Hello” button at the bottom of the Home page. (It’s also on Projects.)

Here’s the published sites: gracelihn.com, gracelihn.webflow.io

Looks like there’s a problem with the class of that specific button.
I tried removing the class, create a new class with similar design and it worked fine.

I hope this will help…

I tried the same and it worked. So happy to have it fixed. Thanks for your help!

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