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Button links not working for me

Hey team - I’ve added a standard button element and then added a link action from the button to go to another page that I’ve created in webflow (using similar instructions as shown here). When I click “preview” the button performs correctly, however when I publish the site the button just goes to “”. Any suggestions?

Hey Colin, welcome to the forum! It’s hard for me to see what’s wrong without a link to the site. Can you post a troubleshooting link? (It’s in your site settings)

Hi Sergie - Thanks for your reply. It seems to have un-broken itself. I republished and tried again and it now works.

By default all links go to “#” (which is nowhere). After you changed it and re-published it, you just forgot to do a hard refresh (Click on Refresh icon while holding Shift) of your browser so that the newest changes can be seen.

Holding shift and refreshing clears the cache for that page which makes it re-download all the files from the servers instead of relying on the files you downloaded to your computer days ago.

Ah that explains it. Is there a way on your side to have the post-publish link take care of the hard refresh as well or can that only be done manually?