Bulk add images to CMS

I am in the process of updating my site (wordpress) and I am looking at using webflow to replace wordpress however it seems there is no way to bulk add photos in webflow using cms fields.

Is there a way to do this or a field I can add to give me this feature, most of my post have 100 photos or more at times and bulk uploading is a feature that I really need to have adding images 1 at a time will be very time consuming.

Thanks in advance

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Hey there! This has been a much-needed and much-anticipated feature over the years … I’m happy to pass along that they officially marked this as under development yesterday so hopefully it will be out soon! :crossed_fingers:

Dang I would think that would be a top feature… I really really need that… wonder how long we shall have to wait

It’s been a year. Any word on this or am I missing something? I was searching through forums to understand why I still cannot replace an image in a CMS field with one from assets? Still have to upload a new one?

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Likewise, this is a huge inconvenience.