Bulk field translation for single CMS items

You can now translate an entire CMS item in a secondary locale with one click, making it faster to get a first pass translation for any CMS powered page on your site.

By clicking Translate all fields on any secondary locale CMS item, all translatable fields will be machine translated.

Mouse hovering over the "translate all fields" button in a single CMS item on Webflow.

Translate all fields in a CSM item.

Learn more about localizing CMS items in our Webflow University lesson.

Note: Localization is now available for all customers, and all Webflow users can preview it for free. To get started, head to Settings panel>Localization, designate your primary locale, and add a secondary locale. You’ll only need to pay once you’re ready to publish.

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Is there any way to either a) bulk translate select field labels only or b) bulk translate cms items.

I have a form that requires a select field of countries by name. Select fields are translatable but not in bulk and not only when needing to translate the label only and not the value.

I have found a workaround with the custom element and amended collection list with country names but that’s again are not bulk translatable. You can import them from CSV in each language but then you end up with around 750 cms items (which are not tied) just to have a select fields with a list of countries in 3 languages.