Automating the CMS item translation instead of clicking the button

Hello everybody, so I know that in the CMS currently you have to go and click this icon beside each field to translate, I am asking if there is a way to automate this process so whenever a CMS item is created I want it to be automatically translated as well.

Thanks ^^

Nothing built-in yet, however, you might be able to setup an external automation that triggers on a new item create and then calls the v2 API.

I haven’t tested this, my current understanding is that you would have to do the translation yourself ( Google Translate, Amazon Translate, etc. ), and push it in through the API- but I’d be very happy to see built-in machine translation capabilities through the API.

You’ll have to dig into the docs to learn further.

Thanks, actually I already checked the API Docs and as far as I know there is nothing mentioned about a method to translate … they allow you to create the CMS item but it will not be translated automatically you have to do it manually.