Building a Xano Alternative

Hi everyone, I’m currently building a Xano alternative over at

Its specifically aimed at No Code developers and you’re probably wondering how its different from Xano or other similar services.

The first thing I decided to do, is to aim for no lock-in at all. The service will actually set up your backends (APIs, databases, etc.) on your private cloud account. So, even if you decide to cancel the subscription, you would still have access to your backend.

Second thing I decided to do was to enable the users easy access to code, should your application become large and complex and you might need a DevOps engineer. So the code which defines your backend, is stored in your AWS account by default and you can modify it at any time.

The third thing which I aimed for is to have the lowest possible prices, so CodeSmash has no additional costs or limits, besides the subscription. All data storage related costs are paid directly to AWS. For example, for 50TB of file storage, you only pay $0.023 per month, while you only pay $0.25 per GB for database storage per month, with first 25GB each month actually being free.

I think this is quite a good value proposition and if you’d like to try it out or need help building out your project, feel free to let me know.


I recently signed up a large customer to CodeSmash who has a custom development project in the medical sector. The client signed up for $100 monthly subscription. This is a great start for CodeSmash because it will be used to build the complete infrastructure for this upcoming startup!

If anyone has a custom development project which needs to be built fast and efficiently, feel free to reach out! :grinning:


Got one more paying customer at CodeSmash.

I’ve also started redesign ing CodeSmash because I’m preparing for a LTD campaign. As soon as the new design is done, I will be launching the campaign with SaaSZilla and AppSumo. This will give potential early customers to secure lifetime access to CodeSmash with a one-time payment.

All users will be able to deploy teh following to their AWS accounts on day 1:

  • Serverless website hosting
  • Serverless REST API
  • Serverless GraphQL API
  • Serverless Authentication System
  • Serverless CICD build pipeline


New design is shaping up quite nicely. Can’t wait to release it.


haha, I got feedback telling me that people think the colors are too bright, so I toned them down! :smiley: