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Webflow and Xano: Building a Dynamic News Feed Site - Using no-code front-end and back-end

I am starting a new video series that shows how to use Webflow along with Xano (no-code backend) to do integrations without being limited by Zapier (even though Zapier does about everything!). With Xano you can integrate and attach business logic to any APIs that are available. No need to wait for a Zapier connection.

I am building a “full” solution that will dynamically update the Webflow collections necessary to have an up-to-date news feed based on articles from the Newscatcher APIs (accessed via RapidAPI).

The project will use the free account capabilities of Webflow, Xano, and Newscatcher so it won’t cost you anything but time to follow along with your own accounts.

I did a previous video series that used AppGyver (no-code mobile app builder) along with Xano and after seeing how capable Webflow is, it only made sense to do the same type of video series with Webflow.

The first two videos are out and I am shooting to do 3 videos per week until the overall news feed idea is implemented.

If you find these helpful, consider signing up for Webflow via my affiliate link: