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Building a design system for governments, healthcare center and other big corporations

Hey webflow team and users

I would like to share with you both articles below which talks about the importance on how and why building a design system for big corporations,

Part 1:


The first article focuses on the WHY and WHAT and the second one focuses on the HOW.

What I find very interesting for all of us is that it will help to have the best approaches for building scalable, developer-friendly, and flexible design systems.

I am thinking maybe Webflow team can benefit a lot in implementing a stronger architecture in the back following the steps in article 2. My second thought it will be cool if it can generate a semi version of documentation where we can edit it and complete it manually before sending to the corporation.

This link is about the U.S. Web Design Standards:
I think it may come handy for this topic too.

Let me know what do you guys think or maybe have different suggestions.


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