Building a Configurator of Sorts

Hello everyone -

I’ve been tasked/volunteered with building a ‘configurator’ for our hifi speaker company. ( Our product is a semi-DIY, Modular Concept.

The idea is a visitor can virtually build their speakers. To start they would and choose:

Speaker/Platform Size - 4 options
Center Driver - 5+ options
Baffle Finish - 8+ options
Crossover Type - 3 options

As they select each option the ‘rendered’ element appears -
First the Platform
Then the Center Driver (speaker)
Then the Baffle finish
Finally the Crossover

Once finished an email or sale/ecomm will take place with the specifics of the order…

My questions are as follows -

Is it possible in webflow, natively, to change an image based on a form pulldown option? Maybe via CMS??

  • I can do this with objects; click this, that happens… thats not a problem. My problem is once they have built they speakers, how can I create a Purchase Order or a Bill of Materials that is somehow sent to us?

Has anyone done something similar and care to share experiences?

We are having each option rendered as its own object. I can create the interactions to change the objects based on clicks. What I cant do, yet, is get those choices back to us as an email.

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hey Thomas,

I have definitely tried to do this before on my own websites. I wanted to have something where you would click the services you want, like branding, photography, website, logo…, and then price and graphics would change depending on what you selected and then they would hit submit and you would get all the info in an email. Unfortunately, you can’t make a pre-filled out form in Webflow so my best solution for you would be to make multiple forms for each outcome and have that one be visible when it meets all the conditions. It will probably be a lot of forms and interactions but it works.


Hi Thomas,
Great questions! I wanted to simplify my price quoting process and make it more dynamic, and found the tool ConvertCalculator which does exactly that! I found it was very easy to setup. I’m a designer by trade and it was very easy for me to customize the calculator to fit with my brand guidelines. It is embeddable in any website, so you will easy can use it on your webflow site.