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I need to transport a spa website from WIX to Webflow. Now I need a solution for the customer logins, booking system and video media library. I have already spent a lot of time to find suitable tools. Unfortunately I have not found anything yet. Can someone help me?

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Webflow will be introducing support for logins and member pages at some stage.

Until then, you could achieve this with Memberstack, Zapier and Webflow. Though the booking system might need to be a third-party service such as Calendly.

Or you could also look at Bildr, an alternative to Webflow that has a bit of a steeper learning curve, but gives you much more freedom when it comes to functionality.

Thank you for your reply. For the yoga classes and spa treatments I need different offers in the booking system. I think that is not possible in Calendly. I need one that is made more for spa and yoga.

Hi @Andrin

Have you managed to find a solution? There are two main integrations you could add to your Webflow site to achieve this outcome.

Booking system

@prolax mentioned Calendly, which is a great booking system integration. Another alternative is Cozy Cal, it allows for a more custom approach by letting you highlight your branding with logo, background color and language.

You mentioned you’d like different offers for your yoga and spa treatments, you can do that by setting up different offers on your bookings page.

To make things even easier, you could set up payments via Cozy Cal too. Your potential customers could book & pay securely via Stripe without being redirected to multiple pages.

For more information, check out their landing page:


Webflow can be integrated with Memberstack which allows you to create membership websites with payments. After you build out the front-end with Webflow, head over to Memberstack and create your membership plans, pricing and permissions. You could also let visitors view certain pages only if they’re logged - all managed via a dashboard. This means you could show different content to the customers who booked your spa sessions.

Also, with Memberstack 2.0 launching soon, users can sign in using social authentication (Google, Facebook etc).

Here’s a free Webflow cloneable of a fitness website using Memberstack:

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