Salon service booking

I’m creating a website where people can book salon services. There will be many salons, each of the salon has its own page and services. And as I understand I have to integrate a booking service system. What booking system do you suggest for my project? I’ve tried some of them, but they create one form with all the services. My goal is to make each salon page to have its own form with own services. In Webflow I use one template page for all the salons. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Can you help me please?
I hope I explained my question clearly. Thank you.

Hi @Lachyn_Bahbitova.
Josh with Foxy here. Face value, our seamless Webflow integration may be a good fit:

The recommended approach would be to manage salons with CMS (each salon would be a CMS) and then manage Bookings with another CMS collection (auto-updated with Zapier/Make after each booking made through Foxy).

The salon detail page would consist of any content/media you want in addition to a Webflow form with a date/time picker (ie: Flatpickr, Mobiscroll, etc.) that is used to block out previously booked slots (using CMS data).

There are probably other needs you have that haven’t been mentioned yet, but the above will get you some if not most of the way there.

Feel free to email us and we can get you pointed in the right direction: Heads up that some custom code will be needed and a service like Zapier or Make.


The calendaring and provider management are the difficult parts. Use a system that’s designed for booking. I use Timely ( ) often for clients because it handles locations, providers, services, categories, and can do advance partial payment.

Others include, and even calendly or may work depending one exactly how you’re managing the multiple salons.

It’s very likely if these are different salons, you’ll need to support multiple different booking services, so design accordingly.