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Bug with saving version while going to other page of same site

Today I noticed that, while making some text changes on one page of a site I’m working on and going to another page, and going back to the first page, the text changes I made were gone! That’s bad because when this goes unnoticed my customer thinks I’ve skipped a correction …

I think the reason of this is that the designer often isn’t fast enough to keep up with my work (not that I’m thát fast :-)) while showing the gray ‘in progress’ icon in the top18

So what I think is that the designer should give you a warning when moving to another page in the same site

How about that? @Brando


Hi Tom,

Thanks for posting – that definitely sounds weird. I tested on my end and it looks like text changes are saving as expected:

The save process should be happening as soon as you switch from one page to another.

Can you please share your Read-Only link please? :slight_smile:


Hi Brandon, you can get my read-only:


but it won’t be of much use I’m afraid. I’m in the Netherlands. So if you’d be working on my site with your network connection in the US, that doesn’t mean that the auto saving speed I am getting would be the same. So you might see much faster auto saves and thus won’t see the problem. You would need to throttle your connection to see what a slower auto save would do (or not) …


So you might see much faster auto saves and thus won’t see the problem.

Yes I think you’re right. I wanted to rule out any chance of this being a bug with this particular site – just tested on this end and it’s working as expected.

That said, the next best thing is to see a video / screen recording of the issue on your end. If you can provide this it would give the team a great place to start in resolving the issue.

Thanks, Tom!

Thx Brandon but it doesn’t happen all the time, in fact I can’t get it to not-work this time, let alone make a screen recording. I hope the bug will not be categorized as ‘needs no attention because can’t be proven’. Maybe you can find out on the internal code side what happens when the network is very slow and a user does what I did. I have seen it happen more, but everytime I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t done a COMM-Z. But this time I was really sure I made the text change but when revisiting this page (homepage) the change wasn’t seen.

Thanks for the extra information.

We won’t close this issue out as it sounds like a frustrating one. However without any way to reproduce this it’s very difficult to diagnose and come up with a solution.

I’ll be sure to pass this along to the rest of the team, though, so we can investigate this further.

Thanks for your help, Tom.

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