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Bug in rich text copy and paste


There is a bug in copy and paste for rich text using links.

If you copy a rich text containing a link within your website and the link has been built using page name (not URL), then when you paste, your site name will be replaced by collection…
I have experienced issues for links getting wild for weeks ( I am afraid since July). Just discovered what it was a few days ago… Webflow said they were going to check but no news.
So please check your links after copy and paste.
Now I am checking link by link across the 1000 pages on my website…

This is what kind of link you are getting after a copy and paste:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @cazeaux, thanks for the report :sunflower:

We recently became aware of this bug, it affects copying and pasting relative page links within rich content where the pasted one gets converted to a regular link and gets the prefix added which is not helpful

We currently have an engineer working on a fix and expect it to ship sometime next week.

Since we currently lose some data for page links when it gets copied to the clipboard (like the page id it links to) our short-term solution will be to unwrap the link (remove the <a>) when pasting links into rich content to make it more clear that this is happening.

Our long term fix is to implement a way to copy all that metadata (ie: the page id) and at least when copy/pasting between places on the same site where a page with the same id exists, to preserve the link and keep it like the original so it doesn’t need the extra manual work.

Thanks for your patience. And apologies for the inconvenience.

:cactus: :lemon:

Hi @cazeaux

​Thank you again for reaching out and bringing this copy/pasting link issue to our attention.

​I wanted to let you know our team was able to get the fix fully built out and it just finished going through QA. It should be live for you by tomorrow morning at the latest.

​Please let me know if this solves the problem on your end!

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Was the solution here to remove link pasting entirely? Now, when I copy and paste from Google Docs, formatting is preserved (h2 -> h2, bold -> bold, etc) but links are simply absent. Is that related?

Hi @joshchamberlain

This is actually a separate issue that the team is working to resolve.

For now, links will need to be manually re-added. But we have an open report to get links copy/pasted again along with other formatting.

We should have this fixed soon — thanks for your patience!

Appreciate the response even though it’s unrelated. Good to know you guys are aware!

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