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Bug - Class rename issue

(Webflow) I do not have time to reliably reproduce… so just fyi / heads up.

I had a div… “top-clientname” and internal text named “top_clientname”.

I also have an interaction that controls “top-clientname”.

Using the new Navigator rename class feature…

I renamed “top-clientname” to “top-clientname-wrap”


“top_clientname” to “top-clientname”.

After renaming both classes… the interaction (which now fails) for (new name) “top-clientname-wrap”
still referenced the old class name “top-clientname”.

Also… when you rename the class… the navigator reflects the new name… but you cannot change the name (from the old class) to the new class via interactions.

You have to exit / re-load the designer to see the change(s).

I took this screenshot after changing the Scroll interaction. Both Scroll and Hover target the same element. Notice the named difference.

Here’s another interaction (on a different element) that reference the renamed classes (that also failed).

Just found the same issue on another page that references the same class.

@Revolution when you reloaded the designer, then you were able to re-apply the interactions to that newly named class? I had this happen yesterday and just changed the name back to the old class name.

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@Waldo_Broodryk Correct. Sounds like we had the same issue.
I needed the new names… I had mis-labeled 2 of the original classes…
so for me to fix it… the rename was necessary.

To fix it… I had to manually re-assign the interaction to the new name… and then it worked.

And I think it worked because the interactions pointed to the 2nd class that I renamed… which was same class “name” referenced in the interaction.

Frustrating though… because I had quite a few interactions that utilized that specific class.

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