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Irritating Interaction Bug

If you change the NAME of an INTERACTION (rename)…

all elements associated with that specific INTERACTION will stop working.

They are still assigned to the (newly renamed and) correct interaction… but they just fail to run.

In order to fix this… you have to return to each individual usage of each affected element…

then temporarily assign it a different interaction…

then re-assign it back to it’s original interaction.


One Link name “TEST” on 20 pages assigned to 1 interaction called “SLIDE-UP-1”.

Another interaction that has nothing to do with the issue… named “DO-WHATEVER”.

Change the name of the interaction “SLIDE-UP-1” to “SLIDE-OVER-1”.

This will make the 1 link named “TEST” on all 20 pages… fail / stop working.

Open page 1. Select the link “TEST” on page 1. Select Navigator -> Objects.

Select the “DO-WHATEVER” (a different) interaction.

Select the original interaction “SLIDE-OVER-1”.


Imagine the frustration level when you have 10 links across 20 pages affected by this.


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