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Rename Class - Does Not Update Classes in interactions

It seems… if you rename a Class
the app doesn’t update the class names in transitions ??

I rename class “sec_Header2” to “sec_Head2”.

Transitions will still reference sec_Head2.

You have to manually go through the transitions and change to the class id.

In fact… you can’t even edit the class names in the transition section.

You have to delete the transition and start over :frowning:

See video:


Yeah, i have the same problem…


Why delete? You just delete the class name there and type in the new one, no need to delete the whole interaction, right?

I can rename an element in the Style Manager.

  • but When I select a Transition in the Asset Manager (for the selected element)
  • the Transition… completely removes the element name from the first popup
  • then displays the old element name in the 2nd popup
  • and if you change the old name to the new name… it doesn’t do anything
  • except wipe out the new name and replace it with the old name.

the work around is to go to your project’s settings, then go back into the design tool.


ahhh… ic said the blind man.

When you return to the Dashboard and reopen your Project…

The Asset Manager auto-removes the old Element ID

  • but allows you to enter a new Element ID.

You have to do this for each and every transition

  • that was associated to the old Element ID.

For example: if you have 5 Sections that have interaction with a Transition ie: Hover, Scroll and Click…
— you have to update 15 locations… 3 Interactions per Section.

But at least it works. I was seriously dreading

  • going through and documenting every property value.

Thanks PixelGeek.

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This problem seems to have returned.

This doesn’t happen every time. But once it starts - it seems to happen often.

Exiting the Designer seems ??? to fix it ??? Not 100% sure yet.

Occasionally - when you rename a class…
the class name in a transition that targets the old class name
does not get updated - and instead is removed.

So the transition affects the object / element.

For example:

onClick (class name myLink) of a link… affect the background color of a div (myDiv).

Rename myDiv to anotherDiv… and the association in the transition from myLink.onClick to myDiv.background-color is renamed to “BLANK”. The steps are still there. But since the transition has the target object is now “BLANK”… the transition affects the click object.


This doesn’t happen every time. But once it starts - it seems to happen often.

Exiting the Designer seems ??? to fix it ??? Not 100% sure yet.

This looks like it has been a problem since last year. Hey Webflow peeps, any word on when this could be fixed? It is VERY frustrating to correct a little typo in your class name only to have your interactions totally break.

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I just saw a Webflow noticed stating this issue is now corrected.

I start noticing some improvement a couple days ago.

Hi @Revolution and all, yes, this issue should be fixed now. If not, let me know.