Browser compatiblity with JS minification


JS based animations work well but when I visit my website with chrome version 79 or less, I notice this error in the javascript console :

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '.'

This look like an issue related to JS optional chaining.

A way to make them work even in those versions, is to disable JS minifaction.

Is there a way to get minifaction work with old browser versions ?

You can reproduce with any webflow website. An example with Prismix Pro template

This is simply bound to happen as time goes on… is there any reason why you’re concerned about Js errors in 4+ year old browsers? There have been several critical security patches since Chrome 79… anyone still using that has far more things to worry about than if a random site throws a Js error.

@vinberdon according to caniuse, optional chaining incompatibility is about 7% of the global usage.
For some audiences, it can be higher and we’re talking about no JS functioning at all on the whole website. It’s very common to rely on JS for features surch as a navbar dropdown menu.

We’ve noticed that on some devices, old browser versions are still present and have not been updated.

So is there a way to get rid of this error despite of a relatively low number of users concerned ?

The only solution we as subscribers can implement is not minifying. I guess you should submit a support ticket about Js Minification not being compatible enough. Or add it to the product wishlist: