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Broken SVGs that work in browser but NOT on the Assets Panel

I have this:

Share preview:

Most of SVGs do work on the website but they appear “broken” on the preview tab on the left
I am generating the SVGs from Adobe XD then using
to optimize and reduce the size.

I noticed this happening with an SVG I imported last week, however it was for a test and I ended up replacing it with an updated vector shortly after. I just went back to check my assets panel and it’s not appearing broken.

Did you happen to upload all of these assets around the same time? Maybe sometime last week?

Either way it sounds like a bug that you may want to report to Webflow Support, but thankfully it doesn’t seem to be breaking your project in any way.

I uploaded yesterday,
Then today was broken,
Now it’s working again. this is not a new problem, I had those issues 1 year ago.

Are the issues present with SVG’s created with the SVGOMG tool?

SVG files, especially those exported from various editors, usually contain a lot of redundant and useless information. This can include editor metadata, comments, hidden elements, default or non-optimal values and other stuff that can be safely removed or converted without affecting the SVG rendering result.

If Webflow is using some of this “redundant and useless information” to generate the thumbnail in the Asset panel then this could be the reason you’re seeing the errors.

A similar example I see all the time is saving AI files with reduced file sizes can prevent users from seeing thumbnails in the file explorer. This doesn’t affect how the file is read when it’s opened, however to save file size it omits rendering the preview.

These issues don’t appear on SVGMOG. Also, sometimes the broken links heal, so it’s intemitent

Good to know, thanks for the extra information. There could be any number of situations why the preview appears broken in the Designer panel, but I know Webflow is working on some more updates for the asset panel so it’s possible it’s a known bug that will be fixed with that upcoming release.

Since it doesn’t affect the asset when it’s rendered on the site I’d imagine it’s fairly low priority, but it never hurts to report bugs like this to Webflow Support so that it’s on their radar.

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