Embed booking.com on my website

Hi guys, There is a way I can embed booking.com functionalities like booking and payment inside my own website?
Thank you, if you find me a solution for that I’ll not be grateful, I’ll be astonished and grateful!!!

Hi @Roberto_Coladomenico

Yeah there lots of ways to integrate booking into your Webflow site. Do you have an idea which one? If you’re starting from scratch it may take a while to get all the options. Each one has a different embed process, but most will be an iframe.


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No I’ve no idea, is days that I’m searching on forums or booking website but are all old information. Witch one do you suggest for a website promoting an holiday home?

I hear ya! There are so many it’s hard to narrow it down. I wish I could go through it all, but that’s what I do as a consultant; research, outline, gather data and provide advice and selections for clients. I can show you the process I use to match a service with the business need, if you want to see that output? It may sound simple, but gathering data online, condensing it comprehensively takes a lot of time and skill. It’s part of my single service option.

Application services typically don’t share how their app will fit into your workflow. You find this out after purchasing, which is obviously counterproductive. (Unless there’s a decent trial)

If you want, we can set up a time and I can explain the best way you should go about it. It’s easier on the phone or video meeting.

I’ve started the same research about 6 months ago. Now we are a few days of the launch of our platform on Webflow + Firebase.
We’ve developed 2 systems - B2C marketplace for camping booking & B2B property management. Lots of lessons, more difficult than expected as usual.

So I will be happy to understand if there are any tools we could implement and save some extra time and money from development.

I will be happy to share more @garymichael1313 and learn more about your experience and recommendations.