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Booking and form submissions for the people

Hi good people :slight_smile:

How do you folks solve event booking in Webflow? Lets say I have made a website for a hiking guide company. They have 12 different trips and you have different forms for each cms trip.

Do you make 12 different forms and hide them? Do you use a different service for just the forms or do you use a different service all together?

There is a lot of booking services out there but I would just love to keep the client inside Webflow.

PS Webflow team.
This could be solved with the ability for the client to be able to create forms in the editor cms and or add cms items to a form. Like dropdown items and naming the form with cms.

Please describe what your specific need is. From there you will get more helpful recommendations / approaches.

Note: If you have a form on a CMS collection template, you can use custom code to place a field on the form that does include a collection item field value.

Hi @webdev

For one site I need different forms for each events. They are climbing events, so there is different information needed depending on what event it is. And its also always different dates and times.

But for simpler things I would love to learn how to add the custom code to place a field on the form. Can you point me in the right direction?

Just add an input field in an html embed with a collection field as the value.

Discussed with example in this topic. Look for message #6.

As to

I suppose it would depend on whether an editor needed to choose the “form” or if it was just you and what parts of the form need to be “dynamic”. Lots of ways to peel the onion.

Thank you so much! I think I can use this for some instances!

and yes, for now I have created 6 different forms and the client have to choose what form will be displayed… not ideal :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @krubens.
How are ya? If payments are needed, Foxy may be a good fit. We’ve helped many Webflow users with online bookings, all managed in Webflow. Let us know and we can point you in the right direction.


Hi Josh!

No payment needed actually. But yes, Foxy is definitely a good option! I will do some research and reach out to you if needed! Thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:

What is the client going to do for the back end management like total bookings per event and printing lists if it is all in Webflow? Just curious as I ran into this a while back.

@krubens Awesome. Let us know.

@HammerOz With our Zapier integration, you could easily send data back to a Bookings Collection or Airtable, etc. Possibilities are endless.

We recently helped another user with automated digital tickets with QR codes for easy scanning at the event.


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