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Bluehost Domain + Webflow CMS

A few questions about using a bluehost domain:

  1. Do I need to upload my html/css code into bluehost in order to publish? That’s what their support team is saying. Just wanted to check here first to see if anyone’s done this.
  2. If that’s the case, how can I upload elements that were created in the webflow cms? When I check out my site using their staging link, CMS elements don’t render.
  3. Do I need to update this code then every single time I make a change to the webflow site?

I’d love any help with these issues. Bluehost is really a struggle right now for me. I’m wondering if I just need to tell the client to transfer the domain.

Here is my site Read-Only link.

If you plan on hosting externally then yes.

You can’t export CMS functionality as that is only available on Webflow CMS hosted sites. You can export collections as CSV files and then write your own code or import into a different CMS.

Yes if using external hosting.

Thanks @webdev for your help with this.