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Publishing new website in Azure

Hi, I’m looking to publish a new site created in Webflow to Azure. Can you reply with instructions for:
a) how to send the Webflow code to my programming team
b) instructions I can forward to the programming team on how to publish the website I designed in Webflow to be hosted in Azure


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Firstly, any CMS elements will not be portable.

There is an export code button which will give you the HTML, CSS and Javascript used. Your team should be able to handle the rest with regard to importing it into their solution file.

I have not used it yet though, perhaps someone else can explain anything i’ve left out…

Hi, this is my first time making a website and I’m not at all tech-savvy. What does it mean that “any CMS elements will not be portable”.

Specifically, judging from the preview video of the website, what specific parts of that website will not be possible? For example:
a) the size, font or style of certain text?
b) certain pictures/videos?
c) certain buttons or forms?


Webflow have their own CMS (Content management system), if you use any part of the CMS your website needs to stay hosted on Webflow’s servers. They say there working on users being able to export it and host it elsewhere but they seem to be keeping quiet about any updates yet again.

If you create your site without any form of CMS, you will be able to export the data exactly how it is in webflow, which will include size,font, pictures,videos, buttons,forms ect.

Matt :slight_smile:

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Thanks Matt. I’m a first-time user, not tech-savvy so I have no idea whether I’ve used any of their CMS. How do I know whether or not I’ve used their CMS? Here is the website preview as it currently is through using only Webflow tools:

Its hard to say just by the video, I would need to see the preview link. However if you cant remember using any dynamic data or pressing any CMS buttons then I would assume you are not using the CMS :smile:

Where are CMS buttons found? And what is dynamic data used for? I’d like to prevent creating problems for myself later-on :wink:

Have you used any of the following;

Nope, I haven’t touched the dynamic lists or that stacked icon. Does that mean everything’s alright?

Then I would assume you haven’t used the CMS options, which will mean everything should export nicely :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks a lot Matty, really appreciate your follow-up! Cheers

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