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Blogging capabilities and SEO in Webflow

I read the posts regarding blogging and CMS capabilities in Webflow, I understand that many are anxiously waiting but in the meantime, I have a question for blogging and SEO experts… I’m more concerned about blogging for SEO vs. CMS for self management… so the question is, how much of a problem is it to simply create an off-site blog that links back to webflow? Will Google penalize a wordpress, blogger or tumbler site with good content just because it sits outside of a given domain? Of course, a blog is where all the new content goes and I’m fine with that and I understand that would be the site that Google optimizes… I would add ample links back to my webflow site… is that the biggest concern? that Google would optimize my off-site blog and not my webflow hosted site? That’s a little bit of a concern but if they eventually arrive to my site directly from Google, or from my blog, I’m not sure if that’s horrible… but that is the question.

I WANT to host with Webflow… I’m not interested in exporting my Webflow site to Wordpress and I’m not talking about integrating a blogger site into Webflow. I’m asking about the CONS to simply hosting my blogging site offsite linked by a forwarded subdomain.

Here’s my site on Strikingly. They built a very simple, perhaps too simple blogging tool (in fact that’s the name, Simple blog tool) integrated into their platform. Strikingly is great but SUPER simplistic and way to generic for the services I’m going to be offering. We’ll be building some templated sites off of Weebly and Strikingly but Webflow is an absolute necessity for clients that need more of a custom look and feel. I need to understand how NOT having an integrated blog will impact my clients.

Thank you!