Blog preview and content on one page

Hey there!

I trying to figure out a page design that would require a CMS powered list of blog previews/intro taking up 50% of the page (left). When clicked the relevant content would appear on the other 50% (right).

I have a feeling that i’m asking too much of webflow, but then again i’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff here. Any tips would be pretty fantastic!\

Also, I dont have a page or design to share yet as i’ve not been able to make anything worthy work yet. i’ll share the results though.
thanks, Jak

The only way I can see being able to do this is with custom code and a lot of interactions to show/hide content. You’d basically have to hack dynamic lists to be able to show only one item in the right pane and style the content. But you’d run into the dynamic list limit per page pretty quick. Basically anything can be done with custom code though.