Blog Posts Aren't Showing Up Correctly

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hey Webflow Community,

I have 4 published blog posts, but on my site the cards only show one of those blog posts instead of each card having a different blog post.

All my blog posts are under this collection.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you!

hi @Abigail_R_Tovar you are using WF Collection the wrong way. Please visit WFU to learn how WF collection works.

So rn the blog posts are all under a collection called “Blogs” is this not correct?

You have 2 collections and each is connected to Blog which is why you see 2 identical headings. You need only ONE collection to show all posts.

Is this something I can see here, to tell which other collection, is connected to blog?

I can’t show you now because you have changed the project from the original link.

updated the read only link in the original post.

it still has no collections. Like I have said create a collection and assign it to “Blog” and you see all blogposts as empty purple rectangles then you can add elements an style it but this is all in WFU 101.

Well I guess I am confused a bit still because now I have a “blog posts” collection and “blogs” collection

The templates are basically going to look the same so I do not think the issue is that I needed to create a new collection.

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@Abigail_R_Tovar it looks like you were taken down the wrong path :smile:

You now have 2 “CMS Collections”:

It doesn’t sound like this is what you want, correct?

Instead, your original problem sounds to be that you had 2 “Collection List Elements” on your page with only 1 “CMS Collection”:

I’m just guessing since your page has now changed, but even so, it’s still in a bad state.

If my guess is correct, that’s why you were seeing duplicate blog posts on your page. Watch this quick video for a good explanation of why that is.

To fix this…

You’ll most likely want to remove that second “CMS Collection” you’ve added:

It now appears your blog page is displaying the way you originally wanted it too, and I do see that you now only have 1 “Collection List Element” on that page:

So from a users perspective all looks good, but cleaning up that 2nd CMS Collection will help in the long run :smile: