My Collection List displays the wrong content!

My Collection List opens the correct link but the content is from a different Collection Item. Watch this video and you’ll see that the pages are opening content from only ONE Collection Item (the sweet potato post).

This is my “Blog posts” collection, which has 7 items. Each item is a blog post and I ensured that the correct content was in each item.

I’m using the Collection List element to add these to the page. The collection source is “Blog posts”…

…and I’m linking each item to the “Current Blog” post. Am I doing this incorrectly?

THE ISSUE: I published the page. See here and open the blog posts. You’ll see that the posts open the correct link but the content is incorrect. It’s as if they all open the same page. ONE of the posts for ALL LINKS is frustrating. It’s shown in this video.

The strange part is that I have another collection on the same site that is set up the same way, and it works just fine. See the home page for a working example, under Projects Idk why it’s not working for my BLOG page though. Any ideas?

Hey Asia!

I believe I know the issue you’re running into, when you click each item you are being redirected correctly- as you mentioned. So the problem must be occurring on each page, which leads me to assume you may have not linked your CMS fields to the content within the page itself.

If you have linked them up correctly, feel free to include your read-only link so I can take a deeper dive & hopefully solve this problem for you

Thanks for your response! Here’s the read-only link.

This video walks through how the CMS fields are linked within the page.

Hey Asia, I have found the issue. It seems you have everything wrapped in a collection list, so whenever you go to a new blog post it always shows the first item in the collection list.

To fix this issue you can simply drag all the children elements within Collection Item outside of the collection list & then delete Collection List Wrapper, as I have done here. That way the dynamic fields are relative to the page and not the collection list