Blog posts aren't showing on published site - 404 errors

Hi people,

I’m pretty new to building websites and have spent the last three days getting my head into Webflow so I could build a CMS and blog for my website. I hired a designer for the first main pages but don’t want to keep spending £££ on that when it’s something I want to learn myself.

I’ve been deep in these forums as it’s been a process of trial and error (and will continue to be). Everything was looking great on my preview links so I published my new blog and then when I click through from the home page every blog post gives a 404 error page. I know it’s probably a URL error but I can’t figure out what to change and how to fix it. They all look good from dashboard, they all work on the preview. What gives?

Please help me community, you are my only hope :wink:

Site preview link:

Live site page:

If you spot any other fundamental errors on the way I’ve made my blog grid responsive (it’s still messing me around) then please give me some tips to fix it as I’m way beyond my own knowledge at this point. Kinda impressed I’ve got this far.

On your Blog template Collection page, check the publish setting, it needs to be on.

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Well that’s embarrassingly simple. Thank you.

Don’t suppose you can help me figure out why the blog header on my template pages keeps removing it’s 20pt indent with the box it sits in?

Ignore that. Worked out it had the same class as a box on the main blog page so everytime I changed it on one, it changed it on the other. Was driving myself mad going back and forth.

Don’t feel embarrassed :laughing: It’s a new feature, very useful, but it will take a bit for people to get used to it since there are apparently no warnings about CMS page links.

Would be nice to have a build report when publish happens that warns about inconsistencies like that.

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