Same blog post opens up everytime

Hi, when I open a blog post it seems to open the same post every time, I have looked for a fix but can’t seem to find the reason why. My blog is also half off the page when I go down to mobile view and also can’t see why. Any help is much appreciated

Blog posts need to pull data from the Blog CMS Module for them to be different. The best solution I found was to change it to a rich-text box and then copy and paste the content of the rich-text box into the Blog CMS for that specific post. Then in the designer, under settings for the post, you can set it to pull the post from CMS.

Here’s the read only link for my blog, it might help illustrate what i’m saying. Webflow - Cypress

Hope it helps

I’m kind of unsure what you mean sorry, I have had a look at yours and from what I can tell I have done very similar to you. When I am actually in the blog post template page when I try select a different post (top left) I will choose a different blog post and that also wont change but yours does seem to change

Hmm so I had a look and it does seem really similar, one thing I noticed is that if you navigate to a blog post, although it looks like the same page; the top bar actually indicates you’re on the right blog post. I think it might be an issue with the content in the CMS platform not populating over all the blog posts, or it redirects back to the template each time. I tried to mess around with some of the info in the posts but it’s limited in read-only mode, so I suggest trying to publish with some changes and seeing if that helps.

Worst case scenario, you can always make the link redirect directly to the blog post URL, but if you ever change URL’s for any reason you’d have to adjust them again manually. Hope this helps somewhat

How strange I never noticed that, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be pulling the data from the CMS… hmm how odd. The site is published but doesn’t make a difference unfortunately.

The would be a solution, thank you. Thanks for the help.

I’m going to leave this open to see if anyone else can figure out why it’s not pulling the data from the CMS

The fix was due to having a collection list inside the CMS blog collection page. Silly error!

Np! Glad you figured it out. Small stuff like this can be super annoying to fix