Blog 'landing page'?

I’m probably doing something really stupid… as always! Anyway I was delighted when CMS came to webflow, it meant I could host my site all in one place and not have to worry about external links etc…

I finally got my head around creating a blog, and have done a few posts so far. However, gets me a 404 error. If I link directly to a blog post then it all works fine. This means that whenever I post a new blog entry I have to go throughout my site and change all the hyperlinks to point to the most recent post.

I’m sure there’s a far easier way of doing this, and ideally I’d like to create some kind of ‘landing page’ but I’m a bit stuck as to how to do it.

Any hints, tips, or corrections to what I’m doing would be great!


Since you have not yet created a blog page the page doesn’t exist.
The dynamic content you created has the slug blog which means that /blog is linked to the dynamic content and not a page.

What i think you need to do is create a page called blog, insert the dynamic content there and call the slug of that page blog.

Beautiful photography by the way :smile:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Thank you! I knew it would be something stupid!! lol

So the circled ‘page’ should be used as a post template rather than a landing page! Thanks.


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