Adding multiple choices to the blog category

Hello, I created a bog for my client and added categories using the option field in the settings, this enabled the client to write a blog then put that blog into a particular category (so it only shows up on a specific category page in the website). However they have since gone back to me and asked for me to change it (wish they’d asked that initially) so that they can choose more than the one category… multiple categories of their choosing. How do I change the option field so in the CMS the client can choose more than one option?

The blog section is under ‘blog posts’

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What I think your referring to is creating multi reference field.

Create an entirely new cms collection name categories. Then in the blog post section, setup a new option called multi reference field, and then select the cms collection categories to link the two.

That way you can create as many categories and also add as many categories as you’d like to the blog posts.

Lookup multi reference fields in webflow university if your still confused.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Austin, before I do this would I have to delete any previous posts?

Gidday, I’ve looked into this method, it seems if I am to to this I’d have to delete everything I’ve done in the blog, including the posts my client has already put up and start completely from scratch, and I need to set this up a completely different way (which is frustrating and time consuming) is there an easier option? Basically how I’ve made it is added a categories option into the CMS then on each category page I created a filter to only include that specific category. There must be a simpler way rather than redoing everything? I’m quite annoyed with my client as they could have told me they wanted this option before I did all the work.

I’ve just run into this wall. In Wordpress you can have as many categories as you like and select the Primary one for the URL slug.

I’m going to try hacking it by using tags. Not ideal but anyway…