Any idea why this is happening?

Any ideas why two thumbnails are missing when I view mobile? Its not even the last two thumbs but two before the last thumb! Webflow - ENG7INE

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All the items are made of a link block with no styling property, inside of which there’s an image with either defined or default dimensions.

The two items disappearing on Preview or Publish are different: they’re a link block with the image defined as a background image. A background image is not content, it’s decoration. The link block has no dimensioned content, hence no dimension itself. On Preview or Publish, it shrinks to zero px and disappears (it’s here, but takes no space).

If you can see it in the designer when working, it’s because Webflow adds default dimensions to elements who have no calculated size, so you can see them, click on them… Those elements have a double dashed border. Like a section or container chen you drag them in the viewport, before adding content inside of them or styling them.

Thanks! All fixed. This webflow forum is so dang awesome.