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Div block does not appear in preview mode

Hi Friends,

I have a problem with the new panel update. I don’t understand my div block do not appear in the preview mode. Please see below! It’s not anymore in the setting section

thanks for your help

No problem, that’s expected. When a div has no dimension property and no content, Webflow displays it at 75px height and gives it a dashed border, in order for you to see it, manipulate it, populate it. But in reality, a div that has no CSS property, dimension, content, represent nothing for a browser: it takes zero space, zero pixel in height, zero pixels in width, hence it disappearing when you preview your page.

There’s something weird with your screen capture here where a div has edges rendered when it seems to have content. Can you share your read only link so that I can try to help you tiding up your layout?

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your help.

Please find here the link

You need to go to the page Home v1 copy.

thanks have a nice day,