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Black lines on Background Video

I am getting a one-pixel black line around my background video that I would like to remove.


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hi @BR0B0T it is because your video have this border included (is part of each video frame).

No, the video shouldn’t have a black border. I’ve checked in both Illustrator and After Effects.

I’ve seen other people have the same issue but there has never really been a conclusive answer on the forum

Hi @BR0B0T here is what I see when I zoom your video I have downloaded.

On my computer

On your project

So IMO there is a frame on your video at least I can clearly see it. :wink:

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Thanks for taking a look. It must be the output of AE.

Will check again. I assumed it was something like that at first but couldn’t see where they’d be coming from

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Hi @BR0B0T if you do not have further question related to your issue with problem in WF feel free to close your request as solved.

I did the obvious test of trying it with another white background video and it worked fine

So obvs my video. Thanks for your help

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