Bi-directional Database synch instead of Nested Database

I am not a programmer, but I have learned to think like a programmer since learning Webflow two years ago. The complexity of sites that I am building now with nested collections would make my head spin just a year ago. I have hit the limitations of Webflow many times. I know it’s not a perfect program, but still way better than my old option of building in WordPress.

One major issue I am seeing is in order to connect collections, they have to have a nested relationship.

The question I have for the community and the Webflow team is why not just have a bi-directional connection that acts as an entry point to data sets instead of creating redundant nested collections? Does this make sense? Maybe the logic is overwhelming, but want to see if some seasoned programmer has a good answer on this.

I’ve had to use to pull my data out of collections and create automatic entries in nested collections so I don’t have to manually do so which would be a nightmare. For example if (A) has a nested collection with (B) then I would have to manually go into (B) and nest (A). With and @Finsweet’s incredible tool, NoBull Airtable App I can synch both sets and automatically update the multi-reference fields on either end if one set of data is changed.

If I didn’t have this capability then it would have been the Achilles heel of my entire project that I sold to my client. Thank you @Finsweet for saving my @$$. But really why can’t we just have bi-directional sync between databases?