Better way to do CMS URLs for collections?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to remove the collections URL? What I mean is this…

If I setup a collection called ‘pro’ then all the ‘posts’ with that collection have a URL of: [DOMAIN] / pro / [POST-NAME]

Is there a way to just have [DOMAIN] \ [POST-NAME] ?

I did do a search and found a couple of forum posts regarding this, but not really a solution to what I need. I’m thinking more of SEO and the ‘link juice’ that have already been accumulated over the years. (yes I know this can be ‘fixed’ with 301s & 302s :wink: )

…but secondly, and more importantly, I want to use the CMS ‘posts’ as pages rather than posts, hope that makes sense.

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I’m not positive, but I believe it needs the domian/category/post-name. Since the category acts like a folder on how the page is stored on the server.

@r_rosenow is correct, not possible. Use wildcard redirects.

Doesn’t make sense. It’s either a CMS item (collection template) page, or normal page.

Agreed - would like this ability. For SEO purposes to have the CMS page be in the first level of the URL rather than nested in the collection folder. Unfortunately not possible, and the 301 redirects seem like the only alternative.

(Another alternative as mentioned in this post is to create a page with collection items limited to 1)