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Better for SEO: Single Page vs Multipage Website?

I recently published my website on webflow. I know there is a debate on what is most optimal for SEO purposes, a single page website or a multi-page website.

I currently operate a service-based business and right now, I have a single-page website with multiple sections (ie. pricing, appointment maker, about us, etc) all on one page.

I want to be able to optimize my website for the best SEO opportunity possible - should I be switching to a multi-page website or can I keep my single-page website and still have the best SEO benefits?

Clearly, as of summer 2016, a multi page website with a clean, understandable structure, gets more SEO juice than a one pager. That’s a bit sad an supposed to change. I have some one pagers on wich I added extra pages for SEO content, linked from the home but very discreetely so users don’t feel the need to visit. But google sees the strtucture and gives me juice.


Thank you for insight! I heard similar advice from what I’ve been researching, but it’s good to have it confirmed with another webflow user. Now I have to figure out a way to restructure my website from a single page to a multi-page site.

It all depends on what the focus of that one page is: if you’re focusing on a single keyword or phrase, then a one-pager can do just fine—for that single term. But if you’re trying to jam a lot of diverse content focused on different terms into one page, your site will suffer on the SEO front. More on that here: