Modals vs Pages: What's the Best Practice for SEO?

Hello Friends,

Was curious your thoughts on having content being accessed via modals vs a unique page? As SEO becomes more relevant, I prefer to learn practices that lean towards better SEO. So I’m curious what the spiders like best. :spider:

So with modals, you have all the content in the same pages, where as if you have your content is in unique pages, I assume the spiders have to go else where to finish putting your grade together. It may not make a difference, as the pages would be on the same domain, but more work is required for the spiders. :spider_web:

Maybe it’s not a significant difference to matter. But would be nice to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

UPDATE: I did find this useful: usability - Modal or new Page? - User Experience Stack Exchange

I’m going to just do a “reveal” instead. Keeps the flow intact I believe.