SPAs (Single Page Applications) vs individual pages? 👀

Hey everyone, my name is Gio. I’m pretty new to Webflow, but I’ve been using Bubble for over three years and have experience with Figma as well. Webflow seems like a solid tool to add to my toolbox, and I’m glad to be here.

That being said, I’m curious about the consensus on SPAs (Single Page Applications) versus individual pages. When building a website for a client, should I create individual pages for content that’s logically separate, or should I use multiple sections/divs on a single page and switch their visibility based on URL paths?

Up to you, your UX goals, offline goals, SEO goals, inbound links, etc.
However in terms of an actual SPA, Webflow hosting does not support them as you cannot modify the manifest.json.

If you just mean a single page website, you can build that, but whether that’s the right approach for your project depends on your objectives.

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