What's the best way to make a CMS powered blog responsive?

Hey there,

I am working on building my blog and am not sure how to make the collection list responsive.
I thought I could just change the layout for each breakpoint but that doesn’t seem to work.

Do I need to create new collection lists for each breakpoint to reduce the number of columns?
Would that affect performance negatively?

Best wishes

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/julian-being?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=julian-being&preview=6cbf4a8dffd1173f22aa9079a3acefae&workflow=preview
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hi @fredj32 You don’t need to create a new CMS collection, all you need is to have some knowledge of CSS. There are many free courses on internet so feel free to spend some time to learn at least minimum basics then visit Webflow Unversity and you will see that making website in WF will be much easier for you. :wink:

Do you have a relevant resource in mind that would help me understand this particular issue?

hi @fredj32 I have already wrote what you need but here is just a few links to start with :wink:

Thank you very much!

I’d still love someone else to help me with more specific information as it will take me quite some time to go through 6 hours of tutorials without any coding experience.

hi @fredj32 I just want to mention one thing and don’t take it wrong. The web developer is a profession like many others and to build website you need to spend your time to learn like all people do before they become mechanic, pilot, designer, doctor, teacher, etc.

I believe that someone else will solve for you all these basic issues you have so you do not need spend time with learning.

hi @Stan ,
i definitely get that there is a learning curve and that a web dev should get the fundamentals straight.

I am not a web dev by any means and I also don’t want to become one. I just want to put up a blog website for myself and then I won’t change much as I’ll be writing articles and promoting them.

From my perspective, learning web dev is a little bit overkill.

I hope this makes sense.

hi @fredj32 I get that, so easiest way is to hire a developer that will create website for you. It is the same as when I would like to build a house instead to learn all professions needed to build one I will ask someone with these skills to do that for me.

Creating website is exactly identical situation but I understand that these days people thing that they can build snappy and responsive website without any knowledge especially with marketing slogan no-code. But these platforms don’t say that no-code doesn’t mean no-knowledge just to bring more peple and it is understandable business move.

Anyway the best luck with your site, honestly. :wink:

Thank you, Stan!
Once I have funds, I’ll certainly hire a professional haha

Hi @fredj32 if you do not have further questions to this topic feel free to close your request.

Technically the question wasn’t answered.

I now know it now for people looking for the same thing.

Use grids (webflow university has a ~20 min tutorial which is super helpful)

I’m glad you have found your way to WU from provided link to learn how to work with this platform.

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