Best way to REDO website

Hello folks, my team and I want to redo our website because when we did it, we used different sources to bring sections to our website, what caused a huge number of classes and styling to be added to the website and we want to redo the whole thing to hopefully make the website speed better and improve maintenance.

What is the best approach to get this done? Start in a fresh new project in webflow and then transfer the domains once done? What would you recommend? We are also thinking of using relume wireframes to help us get started. Would you all recommend another tool?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Joao, I’ve done both- complete rebuilds on a new template, and in-site migrations on a new template. Neither is fun, but they have different challenges.

I tend to prefer “re-templating by template merge” on my own sites because a lot of work has been sunk into complex cms setups, a fair bit of custom code, custom integrations, memberships setups, and other things that are tricky to migrate.

At one point I started some writeups from my notes, you might find these useful;

My primarily goal is to to make my css styling classes shorter, so which approach would you recommend?

If you’re wanting the style, content, and functionality to essentially remain the same, I’d definitely do the redesigning in the existing site.

If you mean shorter names, you’d do that through renaming the classes.

If you mean merging classes together, check out Finsweet’s chrome extension, it has some very nice features for combining classes- test it on another project though to make certain it works with the new designer UI.

Webflow has a tool for cleaning unused classes as well, which you can use to tidy up your published CSS files.

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