Best way to redesign a website?

Hi, I’m looking to redesign my website with a completely different look.
I wonder how you guys would go about it.


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Hey @Joel_Wahl

  1. Goals
  2. Research
  3. Content
  4. Sitemap
  5. User Flow
  6. Wirefames
  7. Visual design
  8. Design prototype
  9. Building phase (Webflow)
  10. Test
  11. Launch :partying_face:

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Thanks for the answer!

A great list to follow. Though I realized now, I wasn’t clear in the question.
I mean very webflow technical - Would you make a new page and re design? Would you create a new website and copy finished result to existing website.

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Probably I will start from scratch. I will create a new project and copy the finished results to the existing one.

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Yeah, I’ve thought about that one. Probably how I will do it. I just wanted to see if there’s some other advice out here.

Thank you!

Really depends how deep you wanna go. I am moving from a different system to Webflow. I decided to just remake the current site exactly how it is now from the old host.
Once I have that I will find or design something new and modify what I have. I first want to know the capabilities of Webflow and by remaking that site I am finding many things I can’t do on Webflow but I think I can get around most of them but by doing so I’m worried if this will slow down my site.
Good luck.