Best way to redirect to new site

Hi Folks - I have two sites, for arguments sake these are;

I am running GA4 on both - and registered both domain names with GoDaddy

I have now created - which will replace both previous sites and is effectively amalgamated content from both.

I effectively want to point and at - am I best to do this at DNS level in GoDaddy or in the ‘Settings’ of the two sites that are going to be decommissioned?

All suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:


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Hey Don, it depends;

If you only care about the domains themselves, e.g. any requests to schoolA go to newschool, you can simply add both of those domains to your new Webflow-hosted newschool site, and make www.newschool the default domain. A and B wiill both be redirected automatically.

However this doesn’t account for URL changes, and a lot of those requests will probably land on 404’s unless you’ve planned for this.

That means setting up a lot of redirects. You’d need to collect a complete list of page URLs from your old site, map those to your new site.

If A and B are sufficiently different, or potentially even have conflicting redirects- e.g. A/contact might need to go to newschool/schools/A, and B/contact might need to go to newschool/schools/B, then Webflow’s redirects won’t be enough.

I use Cloudflare’s redirects when I need to do this.

If this is complex and messy and you need help with the migration, click my name to drop me a message and we’ll chat.

Firstly @memetican , many thanks for taking the time to respond. You are always really helpful.

The suggestion in your opening paragraph would make most sense - ultimately I will be decommissioning schoolA and school B.

I’ll let you know how I get on.



Hi Michael - hope you don’t mind me coming back to you with a question on this.

I went with the suggestion in your first paragraph i.e. making the default domain of site and While it was straightforward to attach to the new site, remains associated with the old site (i.e. the www component) - I had assumed this would migrate with the domain (or am I being naive… again?) :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?

Hey Don, it’s not possible to guess what’s missing without the actual domain names or DNS configs, as well as screenshots of your hosting setup in your Webflow site settings.

The process for adding your “extra” domains is exactly the same as your primary domain, so Webflow should be reporting exactly what’s wrong and what it needs to link them properly.

If you need direct help sorting it out, drop me a direct message ( click my name ), and I can send you my details. I’d need access to your workspace and likely also access to your DNS providers for both schoolA and schoolB to complete the setup. It should be a quick job though.