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Best way to organize products in affiliate shop site?

I’m starting an affiliate shop in webflow, and don’t requite the ecommerce features since there will be no check out on my site.

Are there any best practices to organize products in the CMS collection so I can have groups, and subgroups of products?

For example, I’d like the user to land on a shop page, with a “Kitchen” link, that would only show items tagged as kitchen. Is it possible to have another a child category called “Applicances” that would live under the kitchen category, or am I limited to just the one?

Hey @bryanmanio

You absolute can.

You could have a collection called Affiliates and inside of this apply a category or tag to various items depending on what they are (for example kitchen). You can then use the filtering options to only show items in the collection where category = “XYZ” etc etc.

You can also achieve this using reference collections, theres some great videos about using these from webflow, I’ll link them below -

Hope that helps man

Thanks Thomas. I did check out those videos and I think I know what to do now.

It looks like I’ll need to create 3 separate CMS collections, one for the global shop items, one for the "parent category " and one for the “subcategory”. From there, I can attach the sub category to the parent, then attach the product to the sub. Does that sound about right? I could then use multi-reference if I want subcategory across multiple category’s.

Hi @bryanmanio and @Thomas_92

I am also working on an affiliate site and struggling to figure out how to actually link to the 3rd party site where the product is for sale? Can you still add the products as ecommerce products but adjust so that the buy button links elsewhere? Or do you have to set it up as a blog instead? I’d like to use product page templates if possible…

Old post, but anyways, since I am looking into this atm:

From my understanding you should naturally be able to link anywhere, not only to add the product to the cart. I would think that you’d have to add the Affiliate link as a custom field in the CMS product details page in the backend. Does this make sense?

I am also planning on using an ecommerce template to set up an Affiliate Store. There is 25 % at the moment for ecommerce templates, so that is good. Next week I will be on vacation but maybe then I will be able to get at this project. I will buy the template now with the 25 % off and then report back later here.

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Good idea! I haven’t visited this project in a while but good tip on the 25% off. Would love to see what you end up building!

@meredith1 totally forgot to respond to this thread! I ended up with a pretty good, simple setup using the multi-reference fields. Just like you said, I’m using product templates pages with a link controlled via the CMS.

Here is a screenshot of the CMS -

@bryanmanio thanks for the screenshot. Super helpful! :+1: And for the link as well.

@meredith1 like said, as soon as I have something presentable I’ll paste the link and my experiences here as well but it will be a couple of weeks/months as it’s only a side project right now.

@bryanmanio Hi there, I was wondering if you could go into further detail on how you set up your CMS for the Minimal Goods store. Webflow newbie here. Thanks very much!

Yeah no problem. Do you have any specific questions? I posted a screenshot of how the CMS items are set up above, but I’m happy to answer anything else.

@bryanmanio Did you end up using three collection lists?

You betcha. Here is a quick screencast of how everything is set up -

edit: I just noticed I called things multi-reference fields, when in fact, they are just reference fields. My bad!

@bryanmanio Wow. This is so helpful. Thank you so much!!