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Best way to change CMS Permalinks?

Hi everyone,

I’d like to change the structure of my CMS permalinks from https://domainname/post/%POSTNAME% to https;//domainname/%CATEGORY%/%POSTNAME%.

I already set a canonical link for the blog template.


If I change it to <link rel=“canonical” href=https://domainname/CategoryName/Slug/’> using CMS fields. Would this trick the SERPs?

Will I have to do 301 redirects manually?


canonical is for “a lot of versions of the same page under diff urls” and/or “a lot of versions of content of the same page” - so you tell google what is the main/primary version (In your case its sounds one version and change path/url = 301 issue). Be carefull to not declare the canonical to broken path (404).

About urls for item by category (On wordpress you find this trick/idea) - for now no way to do so (If you create one collection with - 100 blog articles - all of this posts lives under/article/article-name) - if you want to create this idea/url structure you should create seperate collection for each category:

collection 1 - “tours”
collection 2 - “cars”
And so on.

The best way is to change the url - and than use wildcare * under 301:

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Hi Siton_Systems,

Got it. I have to create a collection for each category.
That would be nice to have “add field”>category name, for the slug in the future.

Thanks heaps,

The Settings Permalinks Screen allows you to choose your default permalink structure . You can choose from common settings or create custom URL structures. You must click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen for new settings to take effect.

Where can I find the settings permalink screen?
For example, I need to have to following structure for an eCommerce website:
I couldn’t find a solution so far.

Or is there a way to set that in the Robots.txt?