Best alternate CMS

Looks like we can’t use webflow CMS or hosting due to constraints of our industry. What is the best alternate CMS you have found to integrate your webflow sites to? We would continue to build with webflow however all publishing/posts we would want handled elsewhere.

Hi @AdamD

There are a couple different directions you can go with alternate CMS hosting. I think the easiest option would be to use a headless CMS connected to your Webflow site via an API because it’s my understanding that using one of the more full-service CMS site that includes things like hosting or other services might create problems for you in terms of connecting with Webflow. I’d be curious what the contstraints you’re talking about are because there are a few different things these specialize in.

I’ve used Ghost ( before and it has been pretty great. If you are trying to gate content based around memberships or generally involve web3/crypto stuff with your site, it’s a pretty good open source solution and it is totally open source (at a certain membership level) which means you should be able to standardize the design between your Webflow site and the Ghost site using an HTML export from WF. There is also a pretty good CMS dashboard there, where you can track metrics, etc. (pretty standard stuff).

I’ve also heard of Strapi ( if the kind of data your hoping to manage is more complex (Ghost is better for text data, I’ve found). They let you build out and manage APIs that you can connect to your Webflow site. You might need to be familiar with JS for it to be easy you use but it’s one of the more popular versions of a headless CMS and is pretty comprehensive in what is can be used for.

There are a few other options (I can point you to some if you want) but I’d just need to know what you are looking for.